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The Bay Area Football League, "BAFL", was chartered in 1977 in a response to a desire to cease affiliation with our former football league and form an independent league under the exclusive management and control of the member clubs. Charter members of BAFL were clubs that had been in operation since the late 1960's and early 1970's and included (alphabetically) the Dobie Area Mustangs {folded in the early 1980s), Friendswood Chiefs, Magnolia Park Sharks, Nasa Area Falcons (left the league in 2000), Pearland Texan (changed their name to the Pearland Patriots in 1986), Sagemont Area Cowboys and the Sagemont Oilers. 


An eighth team, the Sage-Almeda Tigers was accepted for league membership in 1978. They change their name to the Sagemont Bengals in the early 1980s, then merged with the Sagemont Oilers and became the Southbelt Dolphins in 1985. 


Much of the former league's philosophy was sound and in consonance with the objectives of the newly formed league. The best of the old program has been preserved and now serves in part as the foundation and the guiding principles of BAFL, additionally, many rules and regulations have been adopted outright and others modified to achieve our objectives. New rules and regulations reflecting our concepts and ideas have been incorporated to strengthen and streamline the overall organization and improve the program at the club level. 


Moreover, the drill team has become an integral part of the program. Emphasis is now placed on the drill team activities and it deserves attention as well as football. Furthermore, their program is governed by rules and regulations developed by the club drill team directors themselves. 


Concern for participating in the program was paramount. We believe they deserve a quality program and the means to sustain in the future. Therefore, we have judiciously examined the entire program and endeavored to develop reasonable and workable rules and regulations. The dynamic character of this type of program indicates that the job is never done. However, we believe that we have established a sound program for those who follow us.


Thomas Mc Clure –

President Dobie Area Mustangs

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